How am I going to protect my payment if anything goes wrong when import from China

Preventing payment frauds when importing from China is very easy if you follow these two rules:1. NEVER pay to a bank account where the beneficiary name does not match the company name of the supplier you’re buying your products from.2. NEVER pay to a bank account that’s registered in a completely different city, province or country than the supplier you’re buying from.You will not have such concern if work with us. We can distribute the payments to different suppliers. Before sending the payments, we will verify if they are safe to work with. Your money will be completely secure. 

Do you perform quality inspection or hire a Third party to do the inspection?

We have our own team to do the inspection. We are also wide open to work with any third party inspection. 

Will you be able to give me a satisfy customer reference contact to check your work and background ?

We are more than pleased to put our existing customers to you to learn how we are helpful in their business.

How many days you will shipping goods out once you receive them.

We will take pre-shipment inspectioin and shipping them out in 2 days.

Who would be listed as my supplier: you or the factory?

We can be listed as supplier, but if you have plan to visit China, we will be responsible for taking you to the factory and help you with the communication.

Do you accept the discount/ kickback or referral fees from the factory?

No we do not. Every penny you pay is crystal clear. 

How can I start sourcing and check out your service?

Yes, we can start by sourcing a single product to test our service first and decide whether you want a cooperation later.

How do you qualify the factory to make sure their products are on time for delivery and reliable?

We verify suppliers in many ways. We check their reputation on TYC which is an enterprise's credibility inquire platform, or on the Baidu search engine. And we will also see supplier's store feedback on third marketplaces like Alibaba, 1688. etc.Our customer representative will follow up orders in different stages of the production to make sure suppliers can deliver the order on time. Moreover, we tell suppliers all requirements before production and inspect the quality after production. Suppliers know we're strict with quality and delivery time.