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Yiwu Cross-border E-commerce Supervision Center Passed Acceptance Examination

Time: 2018-06-11
Summary: China purchasing agent, Yiwu sourcing agent, Yiwu wholesale market research.

A few days ago, the Yiwu Cross-border E-commerce Supervision Center successfully passed the acceptance examination of relevant agencies including Hangzhou Customs, marking Yiwu took another stride toward the goal to build a "global net goods marketing center, national e-commerce clustering center, and cross-border e-commerce highland".

According to introduction, the Yiwu Cross-border E-commerce Supervision Center, covering a land area of 6,000 m2 and a building area of 2,851 m2, is constructed in line with the standards for express supervision center. The supervision warehouse is physically divided into receiving area, customs supervision area, office area, and release area as specified and is equipped with assembly line, same-screen comparison equipment, etc. based on the needs of daily customs supervision.


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