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Sept 2012 Learn Top-notch Tips on Importing from China--Smart China Sourcing

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publisher: Nick Bryant
Time: 2012-09-24

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5 good questions buyers should be asking

by Mike Bellamy in 'China Sourcing Information Center'

1. What are the best ways for a small buyer to avoid scams and find reliable suppliers in China?
2. How can I make sure my China supplier complies with local & international labour laws and regulations?
3. What is the normal practice for requesting samples from manufacturers in China?
4. I want to become a partner in a Chinese company. How can I safeguard my rights?
5. When ordering from a China supplier, do I need to pay the entire amount in advance?

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Evaluating Suppliers
Supplier stole 42500 USD from me. What to do?by Mike Bellamy in 'China Sourcing Information Center' WE ARE A TRADING AND WE ARE IMPORTING MATERIAL FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD , WE ARE ONE OF THE LEADING SUPPLIER OF ALL TYPE OF PIPES AND FITTINGS, Q... Click to continue...
Manage China Product Quality
Checking the Chinese sub-suppliers workby Renaud Anjoran in 'Quality Inspection Blog' Most importers, when they visit their supplier’s factories, only see the final operations. However, in China, many problems come from the sub-suppli... Click to continue...
Things to know about Outsourcing to China
The 10 biggest misconceptions of importers about Chinaby Renaud Anjoran in 'Quality Inspection Blog' I get some weird questions or comments from readers who are not professional importers. It keeps reminding me of what most people in the West think (ima... Click to continue...
Paying Suppliers
Q&A with Dr. Roberto Bergami discussing letters of creditby Mike Bellamy in 'China Sourcing Information Center' Recently we had a great oportunity to ask a few questions to Dr. Roberto Bergami, International Trade Senior Lecturer at Victoria University in ... Click to continue...
Understanding China IP
5 ways to avoid being copied in Chinaby Renaud Anjoran in 'Quality Inspection Blog' I was reading a book this weekend, and it includes the following paragraph: I studied economics in Beijing for six months and observed firsthand ho... Click to continue...
Things to know about Shipping from China
Chinese manufacturing. Delivery date? What delivery date?by Dan Harris in 'China Law Blog' One of the most common problems we see between American companies and their Chinese manufacturers is “late” delivery.  I put late in quotes because many time... Click to continue...
China Trade Fairs
What to ask for at a tradeshow (and afterwards too)by David Dayton in 'Silk Road International' I recently received this email from someone planning on going to a show this fall and I thought that it would be a good blog since I get multiple similar ... Click to continue...
Negotiating with Chinese Suppliers
How to handle Chinese negotiating tacticsby Dan Harris in 'China Law Blog'   We have been drafting an increasing number of contracts for foreign companies licensing their concept or technology for use in China. In the old days, this ty... Click to continue...
Managing Supplier Relationships
Good guanxi gone bad. Connections can be fleeting.by Dan Harris in 'China Law Blog'   Just had a discussion with a lawyer in my office on what can go wrong by “cutting legal corners” in China.  I frequently have this discussion with client... Click to continue...
China Travel Tips
Traveling to factories in ChinaBy Renaud Anjoran in 'Quality Inspection Blog' I spend about half of my time traveling, most of the time to industrial areas in China. These days I am a city I had never heard of, in Guangxi provin... Click to continue...
China Cultural Considerations
S.N.O.R your way to China – Guide before you go.by David Dayton in 'Silk Road International' Snoring is a type of action we do when we are not aware of it (hopefully….), it happens when we are unconscious. I want to help fellow entrepreneurs ... Click to continue... 

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