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Happy Jewish New Year!

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publisher: Nick Bryant
Time: 2014-09-26
Summary: To all of my Jewish friends! Happy Jewish New Year!

New Years Eve in Israel has become bigger and bigger in recent years, and whilst not officially celebrated, and there are now hundreds of New Years Eve parties across Israel, as well as many other special events, which cater to all musical, cultural, and social tastes. New Years in Israel is known as Sylvester, and parties are known as Sylvester parties. From the bustling Sylvester parties in Tel Aviv’s many nightclubs to special concerts and local events, if you want to see in the New Year in Israel, you will find a celebration for you. Check out the highlights below and our picks of the New Years Eve Events in Tel Aviv and in Jerusalem.

New Years Eve in Tel Aviv by gkamin, on Flickr

New Years Eve in Tel Aviv by gkamin, on Flickr

New Years Eve in Israel is not a national holiday because the country celebrates the Jewish new year, Rosh Hashana which falls in September/October time. The spread of Western culture into Israel has brought with it the celebration of New Years so depending on where you are in the country depends on how much is going on. This spread has not been warmly received by everyone, which accounts for why, in Jerusalem, for instance, there is little celebration, but, if you know where to look, there are some great events. Check out New Years Eve Events in Jerusalem for the best and more.

In recent years, New Years or Sylvester has become incredibly big in Tel Aviv, and is a big night for the city’s restaurants and nightclubs. Many restaurants will become booked up (so make sure to book) and special parties will take place to bring in the next year. As with anything, there is a huge range of parties catering for different groups and musical tastes so check out specific clubs before the evening to see which is your favorite. Check out New Years Eve Events in Tel Aviv for the best and more.
- See more at: http://www.touristisrael.com/new-years-eve-in-israel-sylvester-in-israel/3236/#sthash.WyKg8bBd.dpuf

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